UNDONE releases one of its most exciting pieces today – the Arabian Nights.

The new creation is inspired by One Thousand and One Nights (often known as the Arabian Nights in English), a collection of Middle Eastern folk tales compiled in Arabic during the Islamic Golden Age. It is said that some tales trace their roots back to ancient and medieval Arabic, Persian, Indian, Greek, Jewish and Turkish folklore and literature.

The Arabian Nights’ dial is crafted from the Lapis Lazuli stone, a deep-blue metamorphic rock, and coupled with a bronze case that patinates over time. These materials have made the watch truly special – no two pieces will be the same. In addition, it is the first UNDONE watch to be inscribed with Arabic-Indic numerals.

No Two Dials Are the Same

The Lapis Lazuli stone is packed with minerals including lazurite (blue), calcite (white), and pyrite (metallic yellow). These give the stone a deep opulent blue. When crafting with such natural stones, the dial is not the easiest to produce. It has to be cut so thin yet maintain a high quality, intense color. As a result, every dial is different in its own beautiful way. 

UNDONE Arabian Nights Lapis Lazuli

Centuries ago, Lapis Lazuli, ground into powder for its blue pigment, was used by influential artists of the Renaissance and Baroque, and specially reserved for painting central figures’ clothing. This highlights the value of the precious stone treasured by many in art and culture across centuries.

An Adage to Remember

The Arabian Nights is accompanied by the popular phrase, “This Too Shall Pass”. It is a Persian adage that reflects human conditions’ temporary nature. This phrase was also used by notable figures in history, including the English poet Edward FitzGerald and the 16th President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln. It is incredibly close to heart today as we look back at the grim year of 2020 and anticipate new beginnings in 2021.

The phrase “This Too Shall Pass” in Farsi is featured on the watch caseback. 

UNDONE Arabian Nights This Too Shall Pass Persian Adage

A Tribute to the Arabic World

Watch enthusiasts familiar with the California dial will notice the separation of Arabic-Indic numerals on the top half of the dial and Arabic numerals on the lower half. Arabic-Indic numerals were originated from the Hindu-Arabic numeral system 1,600 years ago. It was adopted by the Arabs and then the West, which later evolved into the present-day Arabic numerals. The first watches designed with such numerals can be dated back to the 1950s.

UNDONE Arabic-indic numerals

The California dial was first created to aid divers in referencing the 12 o’clock position and time. The dial is quartered by horizontal markers and a triangle at 12 o’clock for higher legibility and readability. Still encompassing all these traits to this day, the California Dial has now become more of a design aesthetic.

A Case That Ages Beautifully With Time

An eye-catching bronze case is used to house the precious stone dial and an automatic movement. The case will see its patina ages differently with every wearer, giving the watch a one-of-a-kind look. As unique as the Lapis Lazuli dial, there will be no two similar bronze patina cases.

UNDONE bronze case patina

The watch comes with an additional brown vintage leather strap for a quick and easy change of look.

Bold and beautiful, and akin to the alluring Arabian night sky, the UNDONE Arabian Nights is a rare, glamorous, and significant piece that combines centuries of rich history with an adage that has never been more relevant today.

UNDONE Arabian inspired watch

Technical Specifications

Housed in a bronze case, with a 316L stainless steel caseback, necessary to maintain functionality; “Arabian Nights” will be UNDONE’s first with a Lapis Lazuli stone dial. The 40mm piece features a doubled-domed Lexan Polycarbonate crystal, finishing the height at 15mm and giving it its curvaceous side profile. A bronze bezel insert accompanies the smooth, bi-directional, and clickless rotating bezel. Powering this model is the Japanese TMI NH35A Mechanical Movement with an Automatic Winding Mechanism (supplied by SEIKO Manufacturing (H.K.) Limited) with a 42-hour power reserve and tested to +/- 15 seconds p/day accuracy.

The Arabian Nights is limited to 300 unique pieces worldwide, with each watch serialized on the caseback.

The UNDONE Arabian Nights is retailed at USD 480.

Find the watch here.

UNDONE Arabian Nights

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