We have created the best holiday gift ideas to help you decide on the best holiday gifts this season.

This Christmas, stop buying things that people don’t want, and start investing in things that they will need and remember you for. Such as a high quality and affordable watch, because everyone needs one. Yes, they do.

Here are our selected pieces that we hope will help you out and make holiday shopping a breeze for you.

UNDONE’s Top Favorites

Aqua Hazard

UNDONE Aqua Hazard

The Aqua Hazard is a cool piece that’s made for those with a bigger wrist. Sporting an orange dial and strap and at 43mm (case diameter), it’s a statement piece for anyone who dares to stand out from the crowd. 

Cool features:

  • Morse code and citizens radio band frequency featured on the dial
  • Automatic movement with 42-hour power reserve
  • Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal lens

Calavera Neon

UNDONE Calavera Neon

This is a fun one. The Calavera Neon is created to celebrate the centuries-old Mexican festival, Day of the Dead. There’s a deeper meaning to this than just a colorful skull design. The festival, in essence, celebrates the memories and lives of the loved ones through dances, feasts and prayers. It is, and encourages us, to celebrate life.

Cool features:

  • The multiple colors on the dial comes alive under UV light
  • The caseback is engraved with a guitar-strumming skeleton and a famous quote, “Todos Somos Calaveras”, translated to “we are all skulls”.

Vintage Killy

UNDONE Vintage Killy

Not only is this one of our favorites, it is also one of the most popular pieces among our customers. This vintage-inspired watch exudes a cool vibe that makes the day look an ultra chic one. The design reflects on the golden age of watchmaking, and it is modernized with present day technology.

Cool features:

  • It runs on a mecha-quartz movement, which means it doesn’t require winding
  • It’s a vintage watch without the vintage chrono price tag

For the Old School


UNDONE Aero Scientific Commando

If you’re thinking of getting a gift for a pilot or someone who loves aviation, then the Aero Commando or Aero Scientific would be the perfect choice for him/her/them. Both models are vintage-inspired with a very interesting story: It is a homage to P.V.H Weems who invented the first rotating bezel. He had one goal in mind – to aid pilots with a tool to navigate the open skies.

Cool features:

  • The bezel lock is an ode to the functionality of aviation watches. It is an additional crown at 2 o’clock
  • Both watches are a modern revival of a classic design, true to its vintage inspirations


UNDONE Terra Daybreak Suede

One of our latest collections, Terra is a set of 3 fashion watches made for modern men and women. It is also one of the few watches that we’ve designed for women. At just 37mm wide, Terra is as versatile as it is stylish. Terra is made to pair easily with almost any outfits, while looking exceptionally chic.

Cool features:

  • Terra Daybreak comes in a brown leather strap or a light brown suede strap
  • Terra Nightfall is a limited edition watch (100 pieces) featuring a black and red colorway
  • All come with an automatic movement with 42-hour power reserve

For the Kidults

Popeye The Sailorman

UNDONE Popeye The Sailorman

Leave the serious watches to serious people. The unique Popeye The Sailorman watch is a super cool edition that features the titular Popeye character. It’s also a tribute to the Marine Nationales (French National Navy), with its design heavily influenced by military dive watches. The Popeye The Sailorman’s strap is a combination of Popeye’s iconic red and black color scheme, and the historical makeshift watch straps fashioned by the 1950-70s Frogmen and navy personnel.

Cool features:

  • Popeye’s comically muscular arms serve as the functioning hours and minutes hands
  • The California dial features half Arabic and a half Roman numerical design



The special Japan edition follows the success of our first Moominvalley 75th Year Anniversary collection earlier this year. The feminine collection brings together the elegance of the never-before-seen “Mother of Pearl” dial, and the customization possibilities of 21 adorable scenes from the original Moominvalley illustrations.

Cool features:

  • This is a special collection that’s only valid until 31 December 2020
  • There are the options of two case colors, hand styles and five pastel palette straps

For the Superhero in Them

Batman Quantum

UNDONE Batman Quantum

This is a gift that any Batman fan would appreciate. There are so many design aspects in this watch that are dedicated to the superhero’s gadgets and weapons. It is largely inspired by the Batmobile and Mech-Batsuit. 

The Batman Quantum sports a bold bat-shaped logo on the crown. The dial is designed to be semi-transparent, revealing the automatic movement beneath. The indices bear a striking resemblance to the pipe of the Batmobile’s jet-engine rear exhaust. Most importantly, the lume illuminates to showcase a quantum radar – symbolizing Batman’s rebellion and fearsomeness.

Cool features:

  • There is a medallion insert with Batman’s emblem embossed. It is then inserted on to the caseback of the watch.
  • The Batman Quantum Black is a limited edition with only 500 pieces. There is an additional black DLC (diamond like carbon) coating layer for that signature bat-black swagger.

Superman: The Kryptonian Decryptor

UNDONE Superman

This watch is an updated version based on the 1943 original “Secret Superman Code”. There are a number of intricate details that would thrill any Superman fans. The most obvious one is the Kryptonian codes on the bezel, on which each symbol represents an English alphabet. Superman’s colors are subtle and cleverly placed – the thin blue minute track, the red of the cerakoted crown, the seconds hand, and the bezel and dial highlights. Moreover, the watch dial features a meteorite texture, which pays tribute to the extra-terrestrial origins of Superman. 

Cool features:

  • There’s a special engraving on the caseback, which is a transliteration chart of the Kryptonian-English alphabet
  • On the meteorite textured dial is a metallic Superman emblem – truly a man of steel

Or Just For a Normal Dude


UNDONE Basecamp Classic

A good-looking watch on its own, our Basecamp watches are made for daily adventures. The trusty Basecamp watch combines high performance functionality with vintage aesthetics to give the best of both worlds. In addition, there are several colors to choose from. All you have to do is to pick the one you think the person might like, and impress him/her/them!

Cool features:

  • Automatic movement with 42-hour power reserve
  • Rotating bezel

Mystique Mercury

UNDONE Mystique Mercury

The Mystique Mercury is a dress watch. Think formal events, important dinners, networking sessions, business meetings. Having a dress watch paired with a shirt or a suit will elevate the look by many folds. This 40mm dress watch comes in an elegant fume dial in black, green or blue.

Cool features:

  • The fume dial is crafted in our lab through 12 labor-intensive steps
  • It’s powered by a mecha-quartz movement which means you won’t have to wind it every other day

Aqua PVD Black


The PVD Black is a fashionable diver watch made for streetwear. With a case width of 43mm, it’s a hefty watch for those with a bigger wrist. The vintage elements can be seen on the dial – rectangles, circles and a triangle make up the indices.

Cool features:

  • Automatic movement with 42-hour power reserve
  • Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal lens

Customize & Personalize

UNDONE Customization

At UNDONE, there are two more things you can do to make the watch extra special. 

Customize: This includes changing the color or material of the strap, the color of the bezel, the design of the dial, or choose a different minute and second hand.

Personalize: Add an initial on the watch dial, engrave a message or your name on the back, or insert a photo of your choice on the caseback.

This is the beauty of getting a watch from us. Because individuality matters. 

Happy shopping! Oh, and not forgetting, free shipping worldwide!

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