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Heavy duty, high performance. The 43mm UNDONE Aqua tool watch is here to stay, with its automatic winding mechanism, sapphire crystal and superior customization options.

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Aqua II | Standard

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The classic, modern dive watch with rotating bezel. Designed with rugged looks, developed for endurance, driven by mechanical movement, defined by you. Get your own custom dive watch with UNDONE. Our online customizer is designed to give you unrestricted choice when you come to selecting each part according to your unique tastes.

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Hazard (Limited Edition)
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Aqua II | Camo

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Dive watches started to earn a name for themselves in the early 20th century and were made for explorers, navies, and professional divers. Nowadays, getting a modern dive watch custom made simply means you’re after something more durable with a rugged aesthetic. Each one of our custom divers features a Japanese TMI NH35A Automatic Winding Mechanism that perfectly complements the rugged design style. Offering the unmatched reliability and easy repairs is what makes this movement so useful for many of us looking for a no-fuss modern divers watch. And with up to 200 meters of water resistance, you won’t have to worry about ever needing to take it off. This one’s here to stay.


People don’t just wear watches to know the time. They have come to be an expression of one’s personal style and tastes. But where’s the satisfaction in spending a huge chunk of money on an expensive watch that hundreds, or even thousands of other people wear every day?

Rather than making your watch a mere accessory, we at UNDONE want to make it a piece you consider an extension of your personality. Swap out the dial, add your initials, choose your case, hands, strap and more and get a custom dive watch combination that you’ll be hard pressed to find on another person’s wrist.