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Hardy, handsome, and ideal for daily wear, our automatic Basecamp wristwatches boast vintage looks and modern functionality. Introducing your quintessential 40mm tool watch, available online today.

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Basecamp | Bronze

01 /03

No two bronze pieces patina the same, the end result being contingent on the material’s interaction with its environment in which it is immersed, the natural or anthropic processes it goes through over the passage of time.

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Basecamp Cali Bronze
Basecamp Classic Bronze
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Basecamp | Classic

02 /03

Minimal fuss, maximum effect. A tribute to horological history, this military watch powered by mechanical movement is every man’s constant companion.

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Classic Original
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Classic Blackout
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Classic Blue
Basecamp classic

Basecamp | Cali

03 /03

Made by the Swiss, used by the Italians and shared with the Germans, the California dial; with its muddied military origins was conceived with one goal in mind, to aid WWII divers in referencing the time and 12 o’clock position without fail.

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Cali Basic
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Cali Green
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Cali Blue
Basecamp cali


Basecamp watches are designed with adaptability and reliability in mind. Whether you need something for weekend adventures or to get you through the week, our Basecamp selection of vintage-inspired automatic watches are your perfect companion. Using a Japanese TMI NH35A Automatic Winding Mechanism, they’re incredibly hardy and are easily serviceable, should they ever breakdown at all. If you’re looking for a one-size-fits-all kind of watch, you’ve come to the right place. Design and buy your own automatic watch today using our online customizer and have your it sent straight to your doorstep.