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Country: United Kingdom

Originally from the U.K., Calvin met his best friend Dan through an online gaming community when he was only 14. The friendship carried through for more than a decade–with them growing up together, and life bringing the both of them to Hong Kong. He wants to celebrate their friendship and memories, and encourage him to overcome any challenges that may come his way in the future.

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“I want to get him a dynamite gift that makes him go ‘wow, you shouldn’t have’, but I did, and I could.”



As a special birthday gift for his bestfriend's birthday, Calvin created a customized watch that highlights two numbers. Despite having a vast watch collection, Dan doesn’t really own anything that’s personalized or 100% customized.

Whether it’s hiking, kayaking, or meeting a client, the watch has to be tough, water resistant, and at the same time suitable for work. More importantly, it should be a unique piece that marks their adventures and the journey they’ve come thus far.


Watches have evolved. It’s no longer a tool just to tell time. People buy watches for several reasons: to show off their personalities because the design and colors speak to them; and to remind them of their fondest memories because there’s a story they want to share. Here are some of our customers’ watches and their stories they’re sharing with us.


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