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Janhavi & Charlie

Country: Hong Kong & United Kingdom

Love at first sight, but five years in between. The love between Janhavi & Charlie blossomed five years after they first met. As Janhavi puts it, “Timing is key. Timing is a huge thing. Different people can be in different spaces in life at the time.”

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“I love the timelessness of a watch. Just like love, which is also timeless.”


janhavi and charlie's story

Janhavi and Charlie first met on a business dinner, but it was only after 5 years that they started something truly special. Choosing cupid as part of their watch design, Janhavi thinks it represents chance, because that’s an important element to their love story; and Charlie loves the hidden detail within the watch–you have to pay close attention to spot the cupid. That also symbolizes the important things in life, and the understatedness of the watch that is representative of who they both are.


Watches have evolved. It’s no longer a tool just to tell time. People buy watches for several reasons: to show off their personalities because the design and colors speak to them; and to remind them of their fondest memories because there’s a story they want to share. Here are some of our customers’ watches and their stories they’re sharing with us.


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