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Country: Poland

Six years ago, Patricia relocated to Hong Kong from the Netherlands for work, thinking she was only going to spend two years in this city. Little did she know that life has decided to present her with a set of challenges and opportunities that have made her stay in this special city until today. The greatest thing that has happened over these six years: Her two-year-old daughter.

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“Time is the biggest asset in the world. Whenever I face a challenge, I’d always tell myself: Everything is temporary, and I will get through it.”



A CEO of a major MNC managing over 300 employees, Patricia was often perceived as the Iron Lady for her tough attitude. However, everything changed when her daughter was born. As a single mum, the challenges are staggering, and so is her love for her baby.

To symbolize her journey of transformation, she's added her initials to the dial of the watch and personalized the case back with the image of a butterfly. Just like a caterpillar transforms into a butterfly, the Iron Lady has transformed into a loving mother.


Watches have evolved. It’s no longer a tool just to tell time. People buy watches for several reasons: to show off their personalities because the design and colors speak to them; and to remind them of their fondest memories because there’s a story they want to share. Here are some of our customers’ watches and their stories they’re sharing with us.


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