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Have you ever bought a watch that was exactly how you wanted? That's actually harder to find than you think. Here are some reasons to add an UNDONE watch to your collection

Watches are not just tools that tell time. Watches today are more about expression, personality, and a way you want to showcase yourself to the world. By bringing the canvas to you, we've gone on to make the process of picking the right watch super easy for you. Instead of picking a watch closest to what you like, let's see what you're truly made of shall we?

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Authenticity Guaranteed


Over 60,000 watches made, and more than 60,000 stories told. We challenge any of the watch brands that have as many stories as we do. 

Every customized watch sold has a story to tell, and it’s our job to help you tell that story. To tell these stories, we also work with some very well established partners such as DC Comics, as well as the little guys such as Simple Union (e.g. Japanese art and culture) to help you with your stories.

Collaborators could also include illustrators, graphic designers, style mavens, that decade-old shop everyone knows... you name it. As long as you have a story, we're keen to explore it with you.

You have the power to change your product


When we say individuality matters—we mean it. That’s why we created the online watch customizer – a true game changer, by the way – so you can create a unique piece for yourself or as a gift for someone else. There are thousands of combinations to choose from. Think different watch cases, bezels, hands, straps, colors… If you can visualize it, you’re empowered to create it (without having to step outside the comfort of your own home).

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Because we’re confident in what we do


Our approach to watchmaking is very experimental. But to be experimental one must first excel the fundamentals, which we are. We've created a line of quality vintage-inspired watches for true watch collectors, and at the same time designed watches that excite, resonate, and worth creating a buzz. This has resulted in diversity across our offerings. Plus, it’s more affordable compared to other brands.

You can COUNT ON RECEIVING A solid product


You see a price and you think, that’s how much I'm paying for. But do you know what exactly for? From the watch movement, dial, case, bezel to the strap, everything is chosen to make sure you get a good watch at a reasonable price.

Using high quality materials is not enough if we want a truly well-made product. Which is why we’re always investing in technology and hiring qualified watchmakers and artisans all in-house.

You can be rest assured that we go the extra mile — we're not just selling you a watch, we're dedicated to giving you the best introduction to the wonderful world of watch making.

We're not just selling you a watch, we're dedicated to giving you the best introduction to the wonderful world of watch making.

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