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    In this groundbreaking collaboration, Stephen Bliss, the artist who established the highly recognizable, illustrative style of Grand Theft Auto, brings his iconic pop-culture influences and a morbid sense of humour to UNDONE’s set of 2 limited edition Monopoly Collector’s timepieces (500 PCS each).
    The original artist of one of the biggest titles in videogaming history:
    grand theft auto

    The world famous Monopoly mascot Rich Uncle Pennybags dumps his usual cane and moneybag look for the more stylish set of Money Cannons and bulletproof vest-ready to spread some serious wealth!

    He is joined by the inked over Penny Gladrags (the Bonnie to his Clyde); Sexy as she is resourceful, clad in nothing but pure attitude and her man’s iconic bowtie/ top hat combination.

    Leave it all to chance.

    Each watch caseback comes laser engraved with one of five special parodies of the classic “Chance/Community Chest” cards, all designed by Bliss, you never know what you gonna get!

    Golden $1Mil Monopoly Banknote

    Both the Benjamin and the Godfather come in a premium “Luxury Tax” tincase, complete with a commemorative golden 1M Monopoly bill featuring Uncle Pennybags and Penny Gladrags!