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    How much are replacement costs for my UNDONE watch?
    Standard Service Price List​​​​​​​
    (Urban/ Aqua)​​​​​​​ 
    Top Glass Replacement
    USD50/ USD80​​​​​​​
    Case Replacement
    USD100/ USD150​​​​​​​ 
    Case Back Replacement
    ​​​​​​​​USD50/ USD75​​​​​​​
    Crown Replacement
    USD20/ USD30​​​​​​​

    Customer is responsible for the cost sending the watch to UNDONE for replacement, and will enjoy free shipping back from UNDONE.

    If customer need any other parts not listed above, please contact us at [email protected] for further assistance.

    Is there any warranty on my UNDONE watch?

    UNDONE will, within one year from date of purchase, repair or replace the watch if it has a manufacturing defect. This Warranty does not cover damage resulting from accidents or misuse.
    For the Warranty to be valid, it must be stamped/signed by UNDONE or by an approved UNDONE dealer.

    How do I place a custom order? Can i add my artwork onto the dial?

    Extra custom requests are only available for the UNDONE Aqua. Please first purchase your watch on our site and follow the below steps:

    1. Start customizing your watch on our customizer :

    2. Fill in the comment box during checkout or reply directly to your order confirmation email from [email protected].  

    Tell us what add-on customizations that you want to do:

    Simple Custom Dial - US$ 85 (Per Logo) 
    You can choose to position the artwork above 6 or below 12 o’clock position.

    Full Custom Dial - US$ 185 (Exclusive for AQUA only) 
    If you don’t want to keep the original dial arrangement, we can re-do the dial for you, i.e. adding textures, to replace 6, 9 and/or 12 markers with your artwork.

    3. We will be in touch by email after your purchase to get your idea and necessary artwork materials. You can sketch it roughly on a piece of paper and photograph it to communicate your dial design

    4. In 2-3 working days, we will revert a final design for you to approve. You can make changes

    5. Once design is confirmed, we will issue a separate PayPal invoice for the extra charges.

    6. Usually, the production time of a standard customized watch is 14 working days. For hyper customized watch (i.e. Pro-Custom Aqua), production time varies case by case, depending on complexity. 

    If you have any questions regarding UNDONE's custom services, please email us directly to: [email protected]


    *Full dial modding depends on availability at UNDONE HQ

    **Some modded dial’s may not be luminescent anymore. 

    How do I edit or cancel my order?

    To edit or cancel your order, please contact us as soon as possible at [email protected] and quote your order number and the changes you may want to make. We'll confirm once your order has been updated. We unfortunately will not be able to make any changes to or cancel your order if it has already been shipped.
    Orders with customized parts (eg. Customized print on dial) are not eligible for cancellation.
    Once your order has been cancelled, it will be refunded to your original payment method within 3-5 business days and may take additional time depending on when your bank processes the refund. We will not be able to retrieve or replace your cancelled order.

    Is it true that UNDONE watches are designed for life?

    UNDONE watches are meticulously built with longevity in mind. The movements used are proven to be a reliable workhorse in the industry, but we are unable to guarantee it free from manufacturing issues. Should your UNDONE watch have any manufacturing defects, please contact us at [email protected] .

    What are the service intervals?

    Under normal circumstances,  the first service should be 24 months after purchase.

    How can I be sure I am buying a genuine UNDONE watch?

    Genuine UNDONE watches have the following traits:

    Comes in a complete box with the UNDONE metal plaque

    Case back is etched with the UNDONE brand name

    For a peace of mind, purchase only through our official site or authorized retailers listed on our site.