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    Urbane. Refined. Bold. Ambitious. Nostalgic. Our popular UNDONE Urban watches are vintage-inspired 40mm mecha-quartz timepieces, custom made for you.

    Urban | Vintage

    01 /05

    Your indispensable retro dress watch. Dial designs are a timeless testament to some of the most iconic watches of the century, but the rest is up to you.

    Urban | Sport

    02 /05

    The ultimate racing watch for the sporty spirit, honoring legendary vintage designs. Each custom chronograph is fitted with a tachymeter bezel to calculate speed.

    Urban | Type 20

    03 /05

    The sky is the limit with this iconic aviator watch. Fuelled by modern mecha-quartz engines, this old-school pilot chrono with flyback reset is yours to personalize.

    Urban | Mystique

    04 /05

    Suit up and stand out with this very chic and classic dress watch. Every luminous fumé dial is individually handcrafted, making your Mystique truly unique.

    Urban | Minimalist

    05 /05

    A statement of simple sophistication. With its matte, monochrome dials, this modern and minimalist watch is a mix-and-match must-have. And, of course, it’s made to order.

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