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We are collaborating with Peanuts to officially launch the URBAN ‘One World’ Chronograph Collection, featuring characters from the beloved Peanuts comic strip. As the first fully customizable Peanuts watch, this collection celebrates individuality and togetherness.

Step into the charming world of Peanuts—where Charlie Brown is the loveable loser who never gives up, Snoopy is his flamboyant sidekick, and the bossy, sarcastic Lucy is in love with Schroeder...who thinks Beethoven was the first President of the United States.


From the wildly-imaginative Snoopy, to the philosophic Linus, the Peanut's gang is a playful expression of different personalities. Life in Peanuts isn't always easy, but in the end, loyalty, togetherness, and perseverance win the day.

The ‘One World’ Collection will feature SIX models, including ONE limited edition watch and ONE customizable option. Select your favorite Peanuts character in one of our exclusive designs, or build a custom Peanut's watch to showcase your personality, commemorate a special event, or simply to remind yourself and your loved ones of the bond you share.

As a special tribute to Peanuts' author Charles Schulz, we will also launch the Peanuts ‘One World’ Special Edition Chronograph to celebrate his birthday on 26th November 2019, limited to 150 units only.


Fixed Designs
list OneWorld Woodstock 02
史奴比 x UNDONE ‘糊塗塌客’
史奴比 x UNDONE ‘露西’
史奴比 x UNDONE ‘查理布朗’
Limited Edition
list OneWorld LE 02
史努比 x UNDONE 限量版 (只有 150 隻)