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Watches don’t just tell time anymore — they tell stories. After all, it’s your wrist, your style, your story. Be unique. Be UNDONE. Because individuality matters.

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01 /06

Urbane. Refined. Bold. Ambitious. Nostalgic. Our popular UNDONE Urban watches are vintage-inspired 40mm mecha-quartz timepieces, custom made for you.

list Undone killy vintage 02
150pcs icon
Vintage Killy: The Designer's Draft Edition (150PCS)
list killy 02 08Aug
Vintage Killy
list navi 02
Vintage Navi
list tuxedo 02
Vintage Tuxedo
list newman 02
Sport Newman
list Undone Urban Sport Tropical 02 18Jan
Sport Tropical
list speedy 02
Sport Speedy
list type20 panda 02 12Nov
Type 20 Panda
list type20 blk 02
Type 20 Classic
list type20 SE 02
Type 20 Special Edition
list mystique gry 02
Mystique Eclipse
list mystique grn 02
Mystique Neptune
list mystique blu 02
Mystique Mercury
list minimalist blk 02 25Nov
Minimalist Black
list minimalist sil greycalf 02 26Nov
Minimalist Silver
list minimalist rgd 02
Minimalist Rose Gold


02 /06

Hardy, handsome, and ideal for daily wear, our automatic Basecamp wristwatches boast vintage looks and modern functionality. Introducing your quintessential 40mm tool watch, available online today.

list basecamp cali bronze 02
Basecamp Cali Bronze
Basecamp Classic Bronze
detail bronze cali 04 800px
list bcamp classic nato 02
Classic Original
list bcamp classic blkout 02
Classic Blackout
list basecamp classic blue brwcalf 02 26Nov
Classic Blue
Basecamp classic
list Cali blk 02 28Aug
Cali Basic
list bcamp cali grn 02
Cali Green
list Undone basecamp cali blue 02 10feb
Cali Blue
Basecamp cali


03 /06

Heavy duty, high performance. The 43mm UNDONE Aqua tool watch is here to stay, with its automatic winding mechanism, sapphire crystal and superior customization options.

PVD Black
list undone Aqua2 steel 02
316L Steel
list undone Aqua2 Hazard 02
100pcs icon
Hazard (Limited Edition)
lifestyle Aqua2 01 20Oct
UNDONE | Joker : Face off
list Undone Aqua camo gry 02
Camo Grey
list Undone Aqua camo grn 02
Camo Green
list Undone Aqua camo pink 02
Camo Pink


04 /06

Refined, premium and undeniably versatile. The UNDONE Terra collection, beautifully designed at 37mm (case width), is made for both men and women. The automatic watch movement, housed within a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal lens, makes Terra the perfect choice for watch enthusiasts, both seasoned and new.

list Terra sil A 02
Terra Daybreak
list Terra sil B 02
Terra Daybreak Suede
list Terra blk 02
100pcs icon
Terra Nightfall (Limited Edition)
list Terra sil A 02


05 /06

2 Styles, 2 Stories; created for the aviator and vintage design enthusiast in you. Stylish and highly functional, the Aero is the ideal watch for everyday wear.

list Undone Aero scientific 02 08feb
Aero Scientific
list commando 02
Aero Commando


06 /06

Look no further. This little number comes with 2 strap lengths; for the office and those Friday nights. Quick release straps means you can change your style on-the-go and choose from a wide range of colours!

list Undone Urban34 Navi34 02
Urban 34 Navi Black Rose
list u34 rgd blk 02
Urban 34 Killy Black Rose
list u34 rgd org 02
Urban 34 Killy Orange Rose
list u34 gry 02
Urban 34 Killy Grey Sterling
list u34 rgd brw 02
Urban 34 Killy Brown Rose
list u34 blk 02
Urban 34 Killy Black Sterling
list u34 org 02
Urban 34 Killy Orange Sterling
list u34 rgd gry 02
Urban 34 Killy Grey Rose
list u34 brw 02
Urban 34 Killy Brown Sterling
list u34 rgd blu 02
Urban 34 Killy Blue Rose
list u34 blu 02
Urban 34 Killy Blue Sterling